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Course duration
85 day(s)
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Welcome to Business Analyst's Certification Course                     

This course provides a complete overview and undertanding about how a aspirant needs to look at IT industry, how to orient towards IT adoption and business process standardization. Basics of business Communication , Soft SKills and project management are also covered in this course.

Business Process

Business Communication

Soft Skills

Project Management



  • Training and preparing participants to take up business analyst roles in organizations.
  • Make fundamentals of IT very clear from a business process stand point
  • Facilitate people to use tolls like charts, diagrams to define processes and optimize them
  • Make the organizations/ stake holders inventest suceessful by enabling you to be more productive

Business Process
  • Fundamentals of Defining , optimizing Business processes
  • Business process Charts and diagrams
  • Fundamentals of Database Management , ER Diagrams
  • On premise IT, Cloud and SAAS
  • Definition of Process and Best practices
  • Business Analyst Career progression
  • Over view of an IT deployment project
Business Communication
  • Effective ways of Business Communication
  • Corporate Communication and Types
  • Barriers in Communication
  • Communication and Personality
Soft Skills
  • Empathy
  • Interpersonal Relationship, Communication among teams
  • Time Management, Problem Solving
  • Attitude and work Ethics, Self Confidence and Ownership
  • Adaptability, ownership & Networking
Project Management
  • Define projects, Components, Roles and methodologies
  • Types of IT projects
  • Definition of Project scope, time lines, updates, evaluation and adoption
  • Project management for different roles inn an IT Set up
  • Collaboration, Emails and Minutes, customer data handling and security
  • Project Reporting and Reports
  • Learn and Adopt Business process defnition, standardization and optimization.
  • Wholeistic overview of IT industry, Cloud, SAAS and future scope
  • Fundamentals of DBMS, ER diagrams, Flow Diagrams and Charts
  • Busienss communication and its important elements and best practices
  • Soft skills that influence organizational behavior and performance
  • Projecct management, roles and execution.