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Welcome to Induction Program - Soft Skills and Project Management.


This training is at most necessary for all corporates in this competative and technology driven corporate world.


Early adoption of this methodolgy is going to yeild fruitfull results for organizations and associates.


This course provides a complete overview of Soft SKills and project management.

Project Management


Soft Skills and project management:

1. Defining problems, evaluating problem and solving techniques in corporates.

2. Individual SWOT Analysis approach for personality development

3. Time management for better productivity at work place.

4. Attitude and work ethics, adaptability and flexiblity for indivuduals.

5. Building Self confidance  among individuals and developing ownership towards work.

6. How to define/select/construct teams , their types and styles for modern organizations.

Soft Skills
  • Empathy
  • Interpersonal Relationship, Communication among teams
  • Time Management, Problem Solving
  • Attitude and work Ethics, Self Confidence and Ownership
  • Adaptability, ownership & Networking
Project Management
  • Define projects, Components, Roles and methodologies
  • Types of IT projects
  • Definition of Project scope, time lines, updates, evaluation and adoption
  • Definition of Project scope, time lines, updates, evaluation and adoption
  • Collaboration, Emails and Minutes, customer data handling and security
  • Project Reporting and Reports
  • Soft skills that influence organizational behavior and performance
  • Projecct management, roles and execution.
  • Project management is the process of leading the work of a team to achieve all project goals within the given constraints
  • To make every employee a brand representative and energitic towards his association with the organization.
  • To facilitate planning and work life balance.